About dB-Mark

Through 16 years of innovatation and performance, dB-Mark has earned an elite reputation worldwide. Specialising in digital processors, the range goes from strength to strength, offering high-end products for the pro-audio industry at a competitive price point. We are very proud of our continuously evolving designs and confident that all of them will exceed user expectations.

The DP series of processors formed the core part of the dB-Mark portfolio within Europe. Upgraded and improved over the years, this range gained huge popularity as the mark IV version, and this remained the best selling series between 2013 and 2018.

In 2015, the XCA series (originally planned to be the DP mark 5) was born, offering improvements over the functionality of the DP series, the XCA series became the flagship model, and the DP series remained as the standard model, offering two different products at different price points.

Never happy to rest on it's laurels, the team at dB-Mark continued to strive for better and better performance, developing a 'mark 6' model during 2016 and 2017. Not content with the results, the development team continued looking at the user's requirements, and added more features. Before the mark 6 went into production, the mark 7 was born in 2018. The DP7 series prototypes became available in 2018, and have undergone extensive testing. The result? More inprovements!

The new features in the DP7 series were a hit amongst the select group who trialled the prototypes, so much so, that the new technology was rolled out to the DP mkIV series and the XCA Series. In 2019, the new DP+ series was created, with a host of new features, taking the stalwart DP series to a new level. Now available across Europe the DP+ series is already proving hugely popular.

Now in 2020 we are bringing in the XCA+ series, featuring upgrades and improvements from the DP7 series, and closer aligning the functionality of the DP series and XCA series for better cross compatability. Initial stocks are arriving, with the full range of products expected to be available from February 2020.